December 8, 2005

News & Opinion: BOOK REVIEW: The Future of Men

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It's Their Turn: Watching the Men's Movement Transpire
A review of The Future of Men by Andrea Learned
Given this reviewer's own bias and the recent much-dissected women's market ad campaign launches (Dove or Nike anyone?), the business world has long been in need of a comprehensive look at the other gender. Within the first few paragraphs of The Future of Men you get a sense for just how much men's societal roles are changing and how confusing that could be for marketers, let alone men themselves. Keep reading, and you will gain a helpful perspective on gender roles and how your marketing plans should be developing for 2006 and beyond.
The three co-authors of The Future of Men, Marian Salzman, Ira Matathia and Ann OReilly, use a relatable "voice" and recognizable examples to deliver historically based and research-informed insights. Their look at gender and societal changes will save you time and dollars in your own future market research, as well as give you a fresh take on your own life as a consumer, whether you are male or female.