July 8, 2004

News & Opinion: BOOK REVIEW: Trout on Strategy

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troutBook: Trout on Strategy Author: Jack Trout Reviewer: johnmoore (from the Brand Autopsy blog) Welcome to B.B.S.C. the Business Book Shopping Channel on the 800-CEO-READ Blog, where we are all business about books. Im johnmoore, your host for the next two minutes, and today you are in for a special treat. What if I told you, in a handy 144-page business book, you can get all the enduring strategic advice youll ever need to outperform, outsell, and outfox your competitors? You wouldnt believe me, would you? Youd say, John, thats impossible! No way can a 144-page book give me all the strategic guidance needed to outsmart and outshine my competitors. Friends, I am here to tell you my claim is not outlandish nor outrageous thanks to Jack Trouts latest book, Trout on Strategy. Jack Trout, acclaimed strategy and positioning guru, has been distilling business advice in books since 1981. It was then, alongside his tied-to-the-hip business buddy, Al Ries, Jack began preaching the gospel of positioning, simplicity, and differentiation. Since 1981, Jack has authored or co-authored at least 10 ground-breaking business books. Now, if you were to buy all of Jacks ground-breaking business books, youd be committing yourself to reading over 2,000 pages. WOW!!! Thats a lot of pages more than twice the page count of Bill Clintons My Life memoir. But remember what I said earlier you can get all the enduring strategic advice youll ever need in order to outperform, outsell, and outfox your competitors in a 144-page business book Trout on Strategy. Trout on Strategy reads like a Best of collection of all Jacks business wisdom. No filler, no fluff just 100% solid strategic stuff. Through similes, metaphors, and analogies, youll learn the following:
  • The Law of Division drives consumer choice
  • The battle for a consumers mind begins and ends with Positioning
  • Losing focus means falling victim to the Line Extension Trap
  • Be unique by Owning an Attribute in a consumers mind
  • Become Competitor-Oriented and address untapped areas of opportunity
  • Successful strategy is found through the Power of Simplicity
  • Embrace Bottom-Up Marketing and let go of top-down thinking
  • Marketing is War so avoid your enemy's strengths and attack their weaknesses
  • But wait, thats not all the wisdom youll glean from this book. Youll also learn that, Most bad marketing is driven by desire (to grow), which is in turn driven by Wall Street, which is in turn driven by greed. Okay readers, let's get down to business. If you're looking for cutting-edge business strategy, look elsewhere. Seriously, look elsewhere cause Trout on Strategy has more in common with the tried and true business philosophies of Warren Buffet and Jim Collins. I'll admit, some of Trouts thinking maybe perceived as outdated and his case study examples do have some dust on them. Nevertheless, this book is full of timeless business advice for a built-to-last approach, not a built-to-flip approach, to creating and sustaining business success. Friends, do you have the inclination to read 2,000+ pages or read 144 pages? If 144 reads better than 2,000+ to you, then pick up Trout on Strategy today. Operators at 800-CEO-READ are standing by. Simply dial 800-236-7323. Have your credit card ready. Thanks for reading and remember, a business mind is a terrible thing to waste. ********************** reviewer quick bio: johnmoore has made his mark in the marketing world at Starbucks Coffee and Whole Foods Market by using creativity, big picture thinking and liberal doses of levity to solve marketing problems. What a tremendous reversal of fortune for this once destructive problem-child turned constructive problem-solver.