August 21, 2014

News & Opinion: ChangeThis: Issue 120

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Creating a Coaching Culture: A Playbook to Build Winning Business Teams
by Nathan Jamail

“In business, most of our employees are not as good as they could be—not because of our love for them or our desire to make their lives better than ours, but ... because most of the time we think they are not worth the effort to really coach them.”

Beyond Keeping Afloat: How Established Business Can Get Breakthroughs
by Tony Davila & Marc J. Epstein

“What can be done to avoid the seemingly inevitable drought of innovation that comes along with building and cementing the apparatus of an established organization? How, as an established organization, do we maintain, and perhaps even build on the successes we have achieved?”

Generation We: Why Me Doesn’t Work for One and Everyone, and What We Can Do to Change It by Steven Smith & David Marcum

“Why does society tend to work in opposition to WE if WE is clearly a superior strategy? Why don’t human beings make stronger moves to get past ME ... ”

Harvesting the Low-Hanging Fruit: The Easy Road to Higher Earnings
by Jeremy Eden & Terri Long

“The blinding rate of innovation over the past few decades has turned yesterday’s ‘impossible’ into today’s ‘of course.’ But one area has experienced a near complete lack of innovation over that same time period: the ways executives manage ... ”

Improvise Your Way to Success by Steve Yastrow

“The bottom line is that no one wants to be assaulted by one-way communication (a sales pitch). Rather, customers need to be invited into two-way conversations where we can be heard and understood.”

Sell Yourself First by Tom Hopkins & Ben Katt

“People buy you first! It doesn’t matter if you’re meeting people for the first time in a social or business situation, you won’t get far unless you sell yourself first.”