February 22, 2012

News & Opinion: ChangeThis: Issue 91

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 10:25 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

How to Change Medicine by Eric Topol, M.D.

“New tools in medicine can reboot the future of health care, making it more precise, consumer-driven, and truly preventive. While not intended to be a comprehensive overhaul of all of the maladies of medicine, the 9 steps outlined here address exceptional opportunities for getting us on the right path for the future.”

The Substitution Economy: How Small Changes in Our Day-To-Day Spending Can Shake the World by James Marshall Reilly

“The brands we purchase can become, in a sense, our personal position statement. Each of us can define ourselves publicly, and we can simultaneously feel good about who we are privately, as a direct result of our consumption patterns.”

From Dropouts to Fully Functioning Adults: What’s Missing in Our Efforts to Fix America’s Public Educational System by Steve Rothschild

“We can teach young people the attitudes and skills they need to succeed in school and in life. And we can make it worthwhile for schools make the effort.”

Strategy for Personal Success: Discovering Your Purpose by Rich Horwath

“Just as we need strategy for business success, we need to plan for successful lives. Without one, we allow all kinds of forces to push, pull, twist, and turn us into mental and emotional pretzels.”

Generating Repeat Business by Richard Shapiro

"Focusing on the service interaction alone is not always enough to generate repeat business; it’s building an emotional connection that becomes the loyalty glue.”

Changing the Way We Change by Eric Haseltine

“Most people not only repeat past mistakes, but fail to learn that they’ve failed to learn from the past so they go on making the same mistakes over and over again.”