January 18, 2007

News & Opinion: File This Under: Weird Coincidences

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 8:29 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

The information technology department at 800ceoread compiled sales reports today. Scott, our chief analyst, brought to my attention some weird coincidences in our year-end sales report. He noticed as you looked down a list of our best selling books that pairs of titles seemed to go together. At #7 on our 2006 list is It's Your Ship and right below it at #8 is Blue Ocean Strategy. Isn't that a little weird? Try these on:

#14 - Treasure Hunt
#15 - Blueprint to a Billion

#25 - On Billion Customers
#26 - Small Is The New Big

#32 - The Likeability Factor
#33 - Vital Factors

#43 - Redefining Health Care
#44 - When Generations Collide

Maybe, it is just us...