May 11, 2006

News & Opinion: In the midst of planning an event?

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 6:29 PM – Filed under: Marketing & Sales

A few tips for event planners. The first set comes from Jackie and Ben in the Event magazine on the art of developing evanglists from your event attendees. Here's how:
  1. Ask customers to facilitate activities

    Have customers volunteer to lead sessions.

  2. Provide peer-to-peer opportunities

    Encourage your attendees to meet, greet and chat with each other.

  3. Be interactive

    Retention rates are higher when people use what they're learning and aren't just listening to speakers.

  4. Set word-of-mouth goals

    "Create phrases you want customers to spread and design your event accordingly."

  5. Be creative and surprising

    Maybe this means having a surprise speaker or event. Attendees don't need to know everything ahead of time.

  6. Plan a social-media strategy

    Let people connect to each other online through blogs, wikis, and tags.

  7. Make wi-fi access free

    Wi-fi will help spread your word because attendees can chat/update outsiders in real-time as to what's going on and what they're learning.

  8. Webcast presentations, sessions, and keynotes

    If people can't join you at the location, let them join you online through webcasts, podcasts and other virtual medais.

  9. Solicit feedback

    Feedback from attendees will make sure you're delivering the right message and they're enjoying it. So open your ears and build a platform so you can listen while the event is happening.

  10. Create ownership

    One way to do this is to "invite customers to join an event council."

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