April 29, 2010

News & Opinion: Joy Panos Stauber is a Cool Friend

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 9:22 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

If you've looked at anything our company has produced in the past five or six years, whether it's our website, a ChangeThis manifesto, In The Books, The 100 Best, or an invitation to our book awards, you have witnessed the wonderful work Joy Panos Stauber does. She is not officially employed by 800-CEO-READ, but has been a part of our team for many years now, creating our visual identity and helping us communicate with you more effectively.

She has also been helping the great crew over at tompeters! for the past few years, which is where Erik Hansen recently interviewed her for their Cool Friend series.

Erik: What's at the essence of what you're trying to do in your daily work?" Joy, always great at getting to the heart of things quickly, replied: Joy: You're trying to help somebody connect with their constituency. At the end of the day, design just helps you communicate better.
Joy later discusses how powerful that seemingly simple task is:
An instructor of mine at school once explained that you don't burn yourself in the shower because you know the little red dot is hot and the little blue dot is cold. People don't realize that everything they encounter all day long is designed. And the designer either can make your life better or worse, depending on how well they did their job.
Well, I know Joy has made our lives much better here at 800-CEO-READ and, hopefully through the work she's done with us, she's touched yours as well.