October 31, 2005

News & Opinion: New Excerpt: Spark by John Winsor

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 5:54 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Tomorrow, a new book called Spark is due out. I read the book about a month ago and was intrigued by the different perspectives shown through the interviews. At the beginning of each chapter, a person is interviewed about their company. The interviewees include: Matt Jacobson, VP of Quiksilver Entertainment; Jeff Garwood, New Product Development Manager for Miller; Mark Parker, President of Nike Brand; Scott Bowers, Senior VP of Marketing Worldwide for Oakley; and many more.
Earlier today, I posted an interview from the book. It was an interview with Rob Bon Durant, Director of Brand Development for Patagonia. Check it out. It's a great inside look at Patagonia's culture and will make you slightly yearn to pick up your skis or surfboard and head out for the day.
One interesting note about the book is John's dedication page, here's how reads:
To the Garage - Where great ideas are sparked.
(This is my garage and the home of a couple of start-up companies.)

[Just a note: John did place a nice picture of his garage above the dedication; so, use your imagination to picture it.]