July 23, 2008

News & Opinion: Rajesh Setty Interviews Mike Kanazawa

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 3:27 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Beyond the Code author Rajesh Setty has posted an interview with Mike Kanazawa, author of Big Ideas to Big Results. The two met at our 2007 Author Pow-wow, and are both ChangeThis authors as well. Here is an excerpt of that interview:
Rajesh Setty: I've heard you talk about doing "more on less." Can you explain more about that and how it relates to driving change and success? Mike Kanazawa: In many organizations there is little time for strategic thinking, prioritization of work or thinking through effective resource allocation. Every group is running fast against their own goals and often out of alignment with other divisions. Organizations end up in tactical overload. As resources get spread thin or cost cutting is done, leaders fall back on the old rallying cry, "we just need to do more with less!" In the end, these organizations get stuck in gridlock and progress comes to a grinding halt. One of the big impediments to change is that people are so overloaded with firefighting on a daily basis that they can't get out in front of things to do fire prevention work or to create strategic change. Shifting your mindset to doing "more on less" can help you and your team to get your work under control and deliver results more quickly on the few initiatives with the greatest business impact.
Here is a direct link to the entire interview: For even more, you can find Mike's ChangeThis manifesto here. Rajesh has written two manifestos, which you can find here and here.