December 22, 2011

News & Opinion: The 8cr Method

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 10:49 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Eric Ryan, co-founder of the home care and personal products company Method, and also co-author of the book The Method Method, stopped by our office today to do some work with Bob for our upcoming KnowledgeBlocks product. It was great to hear his insight into starting, and running, such an innovative company. For years, my wife and I have been not only customers, but huge fans, as we both long wondered why the stuff that was supposed to make our homes, and us, clean, seemed coincidentally harmful in so many ways. It didn't make sense, and we waited for someone to do something about it. Well, Method did it. If you don't know their products, look into them. They'll change your world, and ours, in general. From the business standpoint, the book is a great lesson in innovation, strategy, culture, and sustainability. Before Eric left, we couldn't help but keep him a bit longer for a table tennis match. We hear the Method folks have a pretty serious annual competition, and of course some of us here think they've got some pretty strong chops. Our programmer Zach stepped up. Watch the video below to see how it all turned out (but Eric learned a bit about our very own 'Method'). Thanks again for stopping by, Eric!