November 6, 2008

News & Opinion: The Gridlock Economy in Milwaukee

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 10:17 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

We had Michael Heller, the author of The Gridlock Economy, in town today to speak at one of our LeaveSmarter events. Jon and I had the great privilege to sit and chat with him for an hour or so before the event, and he is as kind and gracious as he is smart.
During our conversation, he mentioned how pleasantly surprised he was that former president William Jefferson Clinton had recently recommended The Gridlock Economy as a "bailout-related book" at The Daily Beast. What you need to know is that the book is not "bailout-related" per se--it was written before the worst of the current crisis hit--but solving the issue of gridlock he identifies and addresses in his book would have a huge positive affect on our economy.
Michael is far more capable at explaining his findings and ideas than I am, so I'll direct you to his ChangeThis manifesto, this excerpt from the book about gridlock in pharmaceutical development, and the video he did for We'll post the video from today's event sometime in the near future.