April 30, 2008

News & Opinion: United Nations

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 7:31 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

On one of my recent pilgrimages to New York City, I re-discovered the art of tourism and decided to visit places I have not been to in a while. One of these was the United Nations. Upon entering the perimeters after the extensive security screening, you cannot help but be in awe over the countless number of conference rooms, offices, and works of art that the many countries have donated. India's masterpiece in one the great hallways stands out in my memory, but all of the works represent not only the country involved in the U.N. but their people and culture as well. We are but one part of a great picture in more way than one, and visiting the U.N. puts it in perspective a hundred fold. The many rows upon rows of delegates that serve there are a reminder that one person can make a difference sometimes, no matter how big or massive their country is - everyone has a voice. Upon leaving the U.N. I stumbled upon... (OK, I looked for it because I'm a book nerd) its massive bookstore. The United Nations has among part of its strengths, a great publishing company. Here are some highlights from their library that may be of interest to you.
World Statistics Pocketbook 2007
Global Environment Outlook GEO 4
Yearbook of the United Nations 60th Anniversary Ediiton
The State of the World's Children 2008 in French and Spanish too
UNEP Year Book 2008: An Overview of Our Changing Environment
Global Outlook for Ice and Snow
The Universe of the Largest Transnational Corporations
You can also visit the U.N. publishing company HERE