August 14, 2009

News & Opinion: Working for Yourself

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 1:56 PM – Filed under: Marketing & Sales, Personal Development & Human Behavior

Whether you freelance, work your hobby at night, are an artist, or found yourself out of a job and are thinking hard about taking your career in your own direction, your excitement might be outweighed by trepidation. As the economy continues to rumble, many people have found themselves struggling in one of the above scenarios, and are looking for answers.
For those who have tried working for themselves as designers, writers, consultants, and other independents, it can be difficult to manage both the work itself, and the work to make the work happen. It really is a lot to take on.
For artists, many of them have spent years (and money) on learning their trade, only to be released into the world armed with incredible talent, but not a lot of business sense to put that talent to work.
However, there are success stories and case studies for both scenarios that can give everyone insight into how to get a grip on their own situation. A great source for those are the new digital bundles of Unconventional Guides we're offering from Chris Guillebeau. Click here to read more about them. Chris has been self-employed since he started working, so he's figured many things out throughout his career, and this is a great chance to learn from his experience. Working for yourself can be incredibly challenging, yet highly rewarding - financially and otherwise, if you approach it with the insight you'll gain from this information.