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Article: 2007 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards announced today

The day has finally arrived. After careful consideration, the winners have been determined for our first annual Business Book Awards. Nearly 300 titles were submitted which were then critiqued and reviewed by our editorial staff.

Article: The 2018 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards Shortlist

The eight books on our shortlist for the business book of the year wrestle with an inflection point in both business and society.

Article: The High Cost of Mistrust by Judy Bardwick

Judy Bardwick is the author of One Foot Out the Door, the winner of the first 800-CEO-READ Business Book Award in the Human Resources category in 2007. She coined the term "Psychological Recession" to describe "why your people don’t seem all that excited about coming to work these days," and how that can affect your company’s financial health. You can read more about in an article she wrote for The Conference Board Review.