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Article: A Mix of Publishing Links

There has been alot going on in publishing over the last week or so. Amazon Shorts - The internet retailer has started a program of selling short form fiction. Whatever has the best post on the new program.

Article: Business Books to Watch in April

These are the books we'll be digging deeper into in April.

Article: Business Books to Watch in March

These are the books we'll be digging further into in March.

Article: Business Books to Watch in June

These are the books we have our eyes on in the month of June.

Article: Business Books to Watch in February

20 books we think our readers may be interested in giving some consideration in February.

Article: Excerpt from The Integrity Dividend

The following excerpt is taken from Chapter 1 of The Integrity Dividend: Leading by the Power of Your Word by Tony Simons. From the publisher: In The Integrity Dividend Tony Simons shows how leaders' personal integrity drives the profitability and overall success of their organization. This groundbreaking book is based in on solid research and reveals that businesses led by managers of higher integrity enjoy deeper employee commitment, lower turnover, superior customer service, and substantially higher profitability.

Article: New Excerpt from Made To Stick

Unsticking an Idea by Chip Heath & Dan Heath, Authors of Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die Since Made to Stick came out, many anxious people have asked us, "How do I unstick a sticky idea? " They want to unstick a rumor about their company or a false perception of a particular product. They want to unstick whispered mistruths about political candidates.