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Article: Bunches of Business Book Recommendations

There has been quite a run in the blogosphere in the last two weeks with people recommending business books. Josh Kauffman may have started this tidal wave with his updated 2008 version of The Personal MBA. His list is 77 books long with the mantra "skip b-school and the $100,000 loan: you can get a world-class business education simply by reading these books.

Article: Thinker in Residence: Erika Andersen on Business & Books

POST & WIN! Post a reaction or question for Erika in one of her Thinker in Residence posts, and not only will Erika pop by for the discussion, but we'll randomly pick one participant to win a copy of Leading So People Will Follow! In our past two Thinker in Residence posts featuring the thoughtful and motivating work of Erika Andersen, we introduced you to her newest book on leadership, Leading So People Will Follow, and also shared an in-depth Q&A with Erika about strategy.

Article: Why bother writing (and reading) books

Books are still the one of the best ways to spread ideas. Books are portable, ubiquitous, easy to share and easy to talk about. You can recommend a book without worrying whether someone has the right technology to get it or to read it or to understand it.

Article: Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans

Dr. Shanklove: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Zombies with Peter Shankman

Article: Moneyball Author Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair

If you are a baseball fan, or even just a fan of great writing, I highly recommend you check out Michael Lewis's recent article for Vanity Fair about sports agent Gus Dominguez, who has been convicted (wrongly, Lewis believes) of smuggling Cuban baseball players to the United States. In it, he follows the story back to Cuba and paints a fascinating portrait of baseball there. Peter Gammons recently stated on Baseball Tonight that the most exciting baseball experience of his life was watching a game in Havana, and you can almost taste that kind of excitement in this piece by Lewis.

Article: MBA recommendations

Brandon Mendelson has been asking a bunch of experts and professionals, what the top 5 MBA books are and posting them at his blog. There's a lot of titles in the results (approximately 80! ), which goes to show that many people have different opinions about what the best books are.

Article: Branding Unbound by Rick Mathieson - Part II

Q&A Don Peppers: 1:1 Marketing Goes Wireless As an influential thought-leader whose groundbreaking books include Enterprise One-to-One: Tools for Competing in the Interactive Age and Return on Customer: The Revolutionary New Way to Maximize the Value of Your Customers, Peppers advises a Whos Who of international marketersAT&T, Ford, and 3M, among otherswho count on him for insight on using technology to build unbreakable customer loyalty. But that proposition is about to become increasingly complex, he says, as the convergence of wireless technologies and global positioning systems transforms the notion of reaching customers where they live. RICK MATHIESON: How will mobility change our idea of what constitutes the "brand experience?

Article: 6 Secrets to Startup Success

We've been talking a lot about entrepreneurship lately here, and the discussion continues today around a recent book by John Bradberry, called, 6 Secrets to Startup Success: How to Turn Your Entrepreneurial Passion Into a Thriving Business. I first met author John Bradberry at the 2010 800-CEO-READ Author Pow Wow and was intrigued by his realistic view of business in an era where the popular message was to simply follow passion. As we discussed, and as John digs deep into within his book, is that passion is not nearly enough to create success.

Article: Everything You Need to Know About Strategy - Part XIII

11. Do you understand . .