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Article: ChangeThis Returns

The new issue of Changethis is out. You will find manifestos from Tom Peters, Art Kleiner, and Rosa Say among others.

Giveaway: Strategyman vs. the Anti-Strategy Squad: Using Strategic Thinking to Defeat Bad Strategy and Save Your Plan

Rich Horwath's new book on strategy is unlike those he—or anyone else—has written in the past.

Article: Bill George

We're huge Bill George fans around here, and not just because his book Seven Lessons for Leaders in Crisis is (so far) our bestseller this year. We're fans because his diagnoses for business are imbued with a higher purpose than financial profit alone—though I assure you there is plenty of that kind of profit to be had from reading his books as well. It seems to me, however, that the most important lesson he consistently reminds us of is that business has to be sustainable and profitable to the community it serves, not just the company's bottom line.

Article: In Praise of Wasting Time

Alan Lightman takes us on an exploration of time and our inner lives that we can use to reclaim our mental health and creativity.

Article: Nicholas Carr

In <em>The Glass Cage</em> Nicholas Carr asks us to reconsider how automation is affecting how we experience our life and work.

Article: Reminiscing about 2005 (from August on) and business thoughts

Here we are, a few days from Santa's visit and 1. 5 weeks away from ringing in 2006. As promised by Todd earlier this week, here is my Best of 2005.

Article: Thinker in Residence: John Hope Bryant

"The most dangerous person in the world is a person with no hope. " ~John Hope Bryant

Article: Rich Karlgaard & Michael S. Malone on Business and Books

In which we learn what questions the authors still have about business and what books have influenced them.

Article: ChangeThis: Issue 72

The 72th issue of ChangeThis has gone live for your reading pleasure. Excerpts and links below. ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ Intelligence Multipliers: Tapping Into Every Company's Underutilized Resource by Liz Wiseman “Multipliers liberate people from the inherently oppressive forces within corporate hierarchy.

Article: Broken Windows, Broken Business

The first thing I saw staring back at me from my email this morning came from the author of Fascinate, Sally Hogshead, whose manifesto led yesterday's ChangeThis issue. Being from Sally, it was a kind and generous message, but there was something there at the end that made my stomach feel a bit more empty than it really was. "Could you fill in my URL on the intro page (I think it's just blank right now)" she asked.

Article: Pychopaths, Tangled Webs, and the Possibility of a Moral Economy

How we have come to define the debate on free and fair trade in this country and around the world fascinates, and often frustrates me. I think trade needs to remain just that—free and fair—but I don't believe that "free" necessarily means "unfettered," or that "fair" means "protected. " Those that point to the fact that more open markets in China, India and elsewhere have pulled more people out of poverty more quickly than any other force in the history of the world have the past 30 years of evidence on their side, and those that argue that labor and environmental concerns need to have a seat at the table so that they're not being exploited have history on their side.

Article: ChangeThis: Issue 62

The 62nd issue of ChangeThis has been published for your autodidactic pleasure. Excerpts and links below. ::::: Breaking Organizational Codependence: Downsizing’s Liberating Wake-Up Call by David Noer "I’m told there is an ancient Chinese curse that translates into 'May you live in interesting times.

Article: Break Your Own Rules

Author of Employees First, Customers Second, Vineet Nayar, recently wrote a couple of blog posts included on the HBR Blog Network that started a bit of a dust-up in comments. First, at the beginning of the month, he asked the question: "Are Women Dissatisfied Enough? " and went on to assert two "pre-conditions" were needed--in addition to an enabling corporate environment--to improve the successes of women in business.

Article: Brains on Fire

Hooray! The Brains on Fire book! Ever since I first read their ChangeThis manifesto, and heard Spike Jones speak in Milwaukee about the incredible approach people should consider in marketing - creating movements, I was hooked.

Article: ChangeThis: Issue 57

The 57th issue of ChangeThis has been published for your perusal and enjoyment. Excerpts and links below. ::::: Hit the Ground Running by Jason Jennings "Taking charge has never been easy.

Article: The ChangeThis Connection

Just in time for the weekend. . .

Article: I’ll See That and Raise You

We received the following post from Frances Cole Jones, author of How to Wow and The Wow Factor. She also wrote a ChangeThis manifesto, The Wow Factor is You, that went live just one week ago. Without further ado, ladies and gentleman, Frances Cole Jones.

Article: Door to Door: The Magnificent, Maddening, Mysterious World of Transportation

Edward Humes takes us on a fascinating journey through the intricacies and implications of our modern transportation network.