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Article: First Stop in the New World

I've commented before on how small the world is getting and how business attitudes have and must change to comply this fact. Many places around the globe are either losing their stance with the global economy because they may have not recognized the need for change or they just lost the "IT" factor; while other countries are picking up the flack, so to speak. First Stop in the New World: Mexico City, the Capital of the 21st Century gives such a locale as an example that many people have either not thought about being in a power position or just written off because they don't know much about the city.

Article: Business Books to Watch in April

These are the books we'll be digging deeper into in April.

Article: Friday Tidbits

Here's an offering of some random, yet interesting things from the Internet this week! Book Review: The Office from Hell Cure by Jeffrey A. Landers.

Article: Business Books to Watch in March

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Article: Paper Promises

Our economic lives could literally stop on a dime. All it would take is an agreement redefining what a dime is, or is worth, backed by or tied to. It's happened before, and The Economist's "Buttonwood" columnist Philip Coggan believes it will inevitably happen again as the great international play of creditors and debtors enters its next act.

Article: Thinker in Residence: A Q&A with Bruce Nussbaum

Creative Intelligence competencies are designed to help you amplify your creativity. Separately and collectively, they increase your creative capacity. The model here is not the light bulb going off in the mind of a genius but the improved ability that comes with training in sports or yoga.

Article: New Excerpts from Brand Digital and What's Stopping You?

There are two new excerpts up on that blog devoted to them. The first is from What's Stopping You: Shatter the 9 Most Common Myths Keeping You from Starting Your Own Business by Duane Ireland and Bruce R. Barringer, and shares three insights into why starting a business is not as expensive as you think.

Article: Business Books to Watch in September

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