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Article: Five Business Book Classics - The Essay

I wrote a piece for the July/August issue of Corporate Dealmaker. The magazine did eight pages on business books and their impact on the M&A industry. Here is my contribution where I discuss books that should be on every executive's reading list: And Don't Forget The Classics There are M&A books, and there are business books that should be required reading for every executive.

Giveaway: The 2017 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards: Narrative & Biography Book Giveaway

We continue giving away all of the books on our awards longlist this week with the Narrative & Biography category.

Article: Business Books to Watch in February

20 books we think our readers may be interested in giving some consideration in February.

Article: Business Books to Watch in June

These are the books we have our eyes on in the month of June.

Article: The 2006 Best of the 800ceoread Blogs

I went back through 593 blogs posts, 34 books excerpts, and 28 author interviews. You know what? We published some really great stuff.

Article: Business Books to Watch in September

These are just some of the great business books being released in September.

Article: Business Beach Reads?

We try to keep most of our recommendations oriented around business reading, but we do get an eclectic selection of books sent to us. Since I'm about to take a few days of stay-cation, it seemed just the right time to suggest this multifarious collection of reads appropriate for hot summer days. These books may not spark a change revolution in your company or inspire the perfect new product to rush into development, but, they will entertain you and make you think--just a little, but not too much, because after all, it is vacation.

Article: Essay from Byrne Murphy, author of Le Deal

Byrne Murphy, the author of Le Deal: How a Young American, in Business, in Love, and in Over His Head, Kick-Started a Multibillion-Dollar Industry in Europe, graciously wrote this essay for our blog. Le Deal is best described as an entrepreneurship book, but there are elements of memoir, adventure, global economics, and business narrative here. Murphy recounts his abrupt decision to move his life and family to Paris, his early struggles to gain a foothold in a foreign business culture, and his eventual success with McArthurGlen Europe, "which created nearly 8,000 jobs, opened 1,500 stores featuring 500 brands, and attracted nearly 40 million shopping visits per year.