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Article: Jack Covert Selects--The World is Flat

The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century By Thomas L. Friedman, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 480 Pages, $27. 50 Hardcover, April 2005, ISBN 0374292884 Tom Friedman, three time Pulitzer Prize recipient, has written an impressive book on the "brief history of the Twenty-First Century.

Article: Best of Jack Covert Selects for 2005

It's the time of year for reflecting on 2005 while starting to create that list of new year's resolutions. This month for Jack Covert Selects, I looked over all of the reviews written during the year and chose my top six reviews. These are the best of the best books for 2005.

Article: Jack Covert Selects: The Travels of a T-Shirt

The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power and Politics of World Trade by Pietra Rivoli, John Wiley and Sons, 272 Pages, $29. 95 Hardcover, February 2005, ISBN 0471648493 How is a book picked to be considered to be a Jack Covert Selects? I have been asked that question many times.

Article: Amazon's Best of 2008

Amazon has posted its editors' picks for 2008. In the Business & Investing category, they chose: The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life by Alice Schroeder, Bantam A Sense of Urgency by John P. Kotter, Harvard Business School Press (Jack Covert Selects) The Brand Bubble: The Looming Crisis in Brand Value and How to Avoid It by John Gerzema, Jossey-Bass The Momentum Effect: How to Ignite Exceptional Growth by J.

Article: Jack Covert Selects: The Number

The Number: A Completely Different Way to Think About the Rest of Your Life By Lee Eisenberg, Free Press, 288 Pages, $26. 00 Hardcover, January 2006, ISBN 0743270312 In spring of 2005, I was interviewed for an article in the Financial Times. The article was about the success of Blink, Freakonomics, and The World is Flat.

Article: Jack Covert Selects: More Than You Know

More Than You Know: Finding Financial Wisdom in Unconventional Places by Michael J. Mauboussin, Columbia University Press, 288 pages, $27. 95 Hardcover, June 2006 ISBN 0231138709.

Article: BusinessWeek's Best Business Books of 2005

BusinessWeek's December 19th issue covers "The Best of 2005". Included in this issue is a list of their choices for the top 10 business books of the year.

Article: strategy + business Best Books of 2008

Always anticipated, strategy + business has published their Best Business Books 2008. What makes this list special is that they assign each category to an expert in that field for review, and each reviewer delivers a lengthy and in depth essay on the books chosen. I've linked each category to it's reviewer's essay at the top of each section.

Article: Rebound by Martha Finney

Finding a great new book that we love around here usually brings us nothing but joy. . .

Article: The Best Place to Work

Ron Friedman on "The Defining Feature of Renowned Artists, Star Athletes, and Successful Organizations."