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Article: Launching LeaveSmarter

If you're in or near Milwaukee, or will be in Milwaukee, or need a reason to come to Milwaukee this spring, we've got one. Our LeaveSmarter series. Actually, it's three reasons.

Article: Our 2010 Retrospective

2010 was, for 800-CEO-READ, a year of stability, growth and redesign. Not everyone nor every company is so lucky as to say the same about the past year, but after the chaos, both internally and externally, of 2008-09, we count ourselves lucky that we close the year in a celebratory mood. Some highlights and happenings from 2010: January: We celebrated the winners of the annual 800-CEO-READ business book awards and other industry folks at a party in NYC.

Article: We are booksellers. We are community builders.

Bookselling, as a cultural and community-building practice, has been around a long time. Even hubs where people gathered around books, absorbed in their presence and engaged with other readers, is nothing new. The Alexandrian Library, founded in 300 BC in Egypt, encouraged the procurement of books, both from sellers and consumers alike.

Article: What's Your Plan B?

When we have an idea, or work on a project, it can get absorbed into us. We dream of what it will be like when realized, and imagine all the great things that will happen because of its creation. Eventually, it can be hard to separate our imagination from the unknown variables of reality.