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Article: Miscellany

Todd's post on Monday showed that we've referenced Chris Anderson's Long Tail more often than any other title in the past, so we obviously like the book. But what books does Chris Anderson like? Well, he liked David Weinberger's Everything is Miscellaneous enough to write a blurb for it.

Article: strategy + business Best Books of 2008

Always anticipated, strategy + business has published their Best Business Books 2008. What makes this list special is that they assign each category to an expert in that field for review, and each reviewer delivers a lengthy and in depth essay on the books chosen. I've linked each category to it's reviewer's essay at the top of each section.

Article: 2009 - In the Books

Due to a few minor—yet incredibly frustrating—errors at the printer, our annual review of business books, In the Books, had to be reprinted. (For those of you who received a copy at our awards event in New York City, please avert your eyes from page 48. We will be mailing out new copies to you soon.