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Article: The Best Books of 2012, <i>strategy + business</i> Edition

The strategy + business best of business books list is always one of our favorites of the year—one we always look forward to—and this year's does not disappoint. The strength of the list is in it's breadth and flexibility. The categories always change slightly to reflect the important topics of the year, and they choose experts on those topics to pick the best books published in those categories.

Article: strategy + business's Best Business Books 2011

strategy + business's yearly list of the best business books is always one of the finest. They do something really simple, but simply brilliant, having authors and thinkers who work in each category come in and curate the year's books with lengthy essays. This always makes it one of the most thorough and thoughtful lists put out every year, and this year is no exception.

Article: Strategy+Business&#039; Best Business Books of 2005

Strategy+Business publishes a great business book list every year. You can look back at the 2003 and 2004 lists to see what I am talking about. I am going to give you rundown on categories and the books in each.

Article: strategy + business Best Books of 2008

Always anticipated, strategy + business has published their Best Business Books 2008. What makes this list special is that they assign each category to an expert in that field for review, and each reviewer delivers a lengthy and in depth essay on the books chosen. I've linked each category to it's reviewer's essay at the top of each section.

Article: strategy + business Best Books of 2009

The strategy + business annual books list is always one of the finest and most anticipated of the year. They get really smart and talented people who know how to pick 'em, and have them write (always highly intelligent and insightful) essays on their category—and, of course, the books in it. I've listed the picks below, but it really is worth heading over to strategy + business for the essays.

Article: strategy + business Best Books of 2007

The folks over at strategy + business have chosen what they consider the best business books of the year. There were eight categories, and each one was assigned to an expert in that field for review. Each reviewer also delivered an essay on the books chosen, and they are all good reads.

Article: The Best Business Books of 2010 from strategy + business

strategy + business's "best of" list is always a special treat—in large part because it's never just a list, but a series of essays. The magazine gathers together a different team of experts each year, and each takes the task of writing on their chosen category and the books in it. I've listed their picks below, linking to the essays at the head of each category.

Article: Strategy+Business&#039; Best Business Books 2005

For the last five years, Strategy+Business has been putting together an list of their favorite business titles. They just published their list for 2005. We'll talk more about it in the next couple of days.

Article: strategy+business's Best Books of 2014

The <em>s+b</em> yearly list is always decidedly and refreshingly different than most others.

Article: Best Business Books via U.S. News and World Report

U. S. News and World Report has a huge special report on the Best Business Books.

Article: The Financial Times and McKinsey & Company 2014 Business Book of the Year Award

There has been a shake up around one of the major business book awards given every year, with McKinsey &amp; Company taking the place of Goldman Sachs as the partner of the Financial Times for the tenth year of their prestigious award. Submissions have been open since last month, and they officially announced the launch of the 2014 Business Book of the Year Award yesterday. Also a first this year, they have announced an additional award—the Bracken Bower Prize—which "will be given to a promising young writer with the best proposal for a book about an emerging business theme.

Article: Blogging on Business Books

There has been a lot of talk on the business book scene that I thought I should direct you to. Robert Scoble thinks most business books suck. Obviously, I am a little partial to the subject, but I think walking into a bookstore and deciding what you are going to read based on what is on the shelves is a bit like walking into a grocery store and deciding what to eat based on what is on their shelves.

Article: 800-CEO-READ's Decade-in-Review

It's an admittedly worn device to use the alphabet to organize one's thoughts, but when reflecting over the past decade and trying to distill the most notable events and objects that affected our company and also the publishing industry and business sector into a brief blog post, I found such a device to be quite helpful. As Jack put it when we initially discussed writing a decade-in-review post, not only is it like opening a can of worms, it seems like whenever one harkens back to the Millenium, one can't help but get sidetracked into thoughts about 9/11. But of course there were many more ups and downs that we've all been a victim and/or a participant in, and this list is an attempt to do that chaos a little bit of justice.

Article: The Innovator's DNA - An Excerpt

You may know Clayton Christensen for his classic works on innovation, The Innovator's Dilemma and The Innovator's Solution. In fact, The Innovator's Dilemma was included as one of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time. Todd wrote something that struck me as I revisited the review he wrote for the book today.

Article: Jack Covert Selects - Inside Drucker&#039;s Brain

Inside Drucker's Brain by Jeffrey Krames, Portfolio, 224 Pages, October 2006, $24. 95 Hardcover, ISBN 9781591842224 Peter Drucker, the man often referred to as "the inventor of modern management" died in 2005. Drucker was an author of numerous influential business books.

Article: 10 Rules for Strategic Innovators reviewed by Arun Sadhashivan

Review of Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators by Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble, Harvard Business School Press, December 2005 I loved this book. Its written for entrepreneurs, and mirrors what folks like me who do this every day either in our own businesses or at our clients organizations. Id recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone struggling to fit strategy, innovation and execution together in their organizations.

Article: Business Books to Watch in March

There is an abundance of great books hitting in March. These are just some of those we'll be cracking the spine on for a closer look.

Article: Excerpt from The Breakthrough Imperative

The following is an excerpt from the book The Breakthrough Imperative: The Strategies That Drive the World's Best Managers by Mark Gottfredson and Steve Schaubert. How Great Managers Capture Profit Pools -- and Anticipate or Precipitate Shifts As a general manager, your job is to devise a strategy for performance improvement. Insight into your customers' preferences and behaviors, and into how those preferences and behaviors might change over time, is essential.

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