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Article: Tom's Take on Peter Drucker

Peter Druckers work calls two masters to mind: Bob Marley and William Shakespeare. What About Bob, you ask. Well, Drucker brings Marley to mind (my mind at least) for his central, solar, role in his universe.

Article: Branding Unbound by Rick Mathieson - Part V

Q&A Tom Peters: The Gospel According to St. Peters Part polemicist, part unabashed cheerleader, Tom Peters says the future of business will be driven by those who laugh in the face of todays play-it-safe corporate mind-set and fearlessly allow themselves to "screw up, think weird, and throw out the old business playbooks. " Of course, hes always had a sensationalist streak.

Giveaway: People First Leadership: How the Best Leaders Use Culture and Emotion to Drive Unprecedented Results

Eduardo P. Braun preaches the culture gospel with the faith of the converted, and he does it well.

Article: Rich Karlgaard & Michael S. Malone on Business and Books

In which we learn what questions the authors still have about business and what books have influenced them.

Article: Five Business Book Classics - The Essay

I wrote a piece for the July/August issue of Corporate Dealmaker. The magazine did eight pages on business books and their impact on the M&A industry. Here is my contribution where I discuss books that should be on every executive's reading list: And Don't Forget The Classics There are M&A books, and there are business books that should be required reading for every executive.

Article: Todd's Best of 2005

It has been an incredible year. I know it sounds like a big echo here on the blog, but we are so happy and want to thank everyone who has help make this year such a success. Like the awards shows, there are too many names to list.

Article: Fiction and Facts about Killer Instinct

Mixing business and fiction invariably involves a trade-off. Most fables by business authors make up in insights what they lack in literary style. And most works of popular fiction sacrifice business verisimilitude for the sake of art.

Article: One More Once: Another Lovemarks Review

Book: Lovemarks Author: Kevin Roberts I have an abiding love for everything Ferrari. No other car fires my neurons like a 250 GT Lusso, and who cant get emotional over all their racing successes, from Formula 1 to the Mille Miglia to Le Mans? To me, Ferraris complex mythology of heroic drivers, gorgeous bodywork, and raw, mechanized sensuality is simply intoxicating.