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Article: We Are Two Years Old Today

The 800ceoread blog is two years old today. This is where it all started for me. I had been doing the Business Blog Book Tour and Tom Ehrenfeld thought Jack and I should meet.

Article: A Q&A with Peter D. Kiernan

We continue our Thinker in Residence series with an interview with Peter Kiernan delving into the nature of the middle class and the American psyche

Article: The Mormon Way of Doing Business

The Mormon Way of Doing Business byJeff Benedict   The following excerpt is taken from The Mormon Way of Doing Business: Leadership and Success Through Faith and Family by Jeff Benedict.  Through original interviews with top business executives (including the CEOs of JetBlue, Delitte & Touche, Dell Computer, Harvard Business School, and more), Benedict examines and discovers how their Mormon beliefs have influenced them, and enabled them to achieve incredible success.     CHAPTER 1    ON A MISSION    "In business situations we get well prepared and we go in undaunted.

Article: The Kelloggs: The Battling Brothers of Battle Creek

Howard Markel has written a brilliant, expansive book of medical and industrial history, entrepreneurship and management, and a bitter sibling rivalry.