June 29, 2007

Staff Picks: What are you reading?

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 2:35 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Since Kate, Todd and Jack are out of the office today, I am going to be sneaky and ask a non-business-book related question.
What are you reading this summer?
And what would you say when recommending it?
It can be a business book, of course, or it can be a good thriller or trashy romance.
I just finished reading a historical novel that's coming out in August. It's called Loving Frank, and it's based on the actual events surrounding Frank Lloyd Wright's relationship with the wife of one of his clients, Mamah Cheney, who was an early activist for women's rights. The book centers heavily on Mamah and her experience of knowing Frank Lloyd Wright, but it also enlightens some of the famous architect's eccentricities and artistic vision.
You can take the gal out of the bookshop, but you can't take the bookshop out of the gal.
Your turn!