How Not To Be Wrong
I have very little background in math ... But, despite my typically non-mathematical disposition, How Not To Be Wrong called to me from the shelf.



The Art of Social Media

Need help with social media? Get a reference guide on the art of it all from Guy Kawasaki, the world's leading expert on business evangelism.

Change This

Optimistic arguments and ideas about important issues—in manifesto form. ChangeThis exists to spread Ideas. Opinion. Knowledge. Passion. Conviction. Conversation. Education. Intention. Interpretation. Thought. Persuasion. Freedom. Appeal. Development. Inspiration. Understanding. Change.

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Knowledge Blocks

Hooked, The Social License, and What to Do When It's Your Turn
The Social License, and why the name Macondo, in hindsight, was the perfect moniker for the oil and gas prospect in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jack Covert Selects

Well-Designed: How to Use Empathy to Create Products People Love
There’s a difference between designing products with your customer in mind and designing products born from thoughtfully developed empathy with your customer.

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Thinkers in Residence

A Q&A with Alison Levine
Alison Levine—adventurer, explorer, and mountaineer—answers some of our questions about leadership on On the Edge.



The 5-8-40 Business Gift Book Club
Impress your boss or empower your employees with books to help them grow... or just treat that special business someone in your life.


Business of Life

Authors on the Road - The New Generation of Philanthropy
When discussing philanthropy it’s impossible not to include a certain Mr. Buffett, but it's not only Papa Warren doing work to make the world a better place.



A Year with Peter Drucker
Joseph A. Maciariello's new book allows you to spend a full year in the teachings of "the father of management."


New Releases

Collaboration Strategy
Business relationships, both in the office and across the globe, require more collaboration than ever—which is why we need a Collaboration Strategy.

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