November 27, 2012

News & Opinion: Author Pow Wow in Austin, TX

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 5:18 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

In under two months, on January 13-15, the 800-CEO-READ Author Pow Wow will be taking place again in Austin, TX. Each year, we gather a small group of people from the publishing industry and writers to discuss the ins and outs of the business of writing business books. Most people are surprised to learn that the entire process is not how they thought. For published authors, there's often missed expectations. For non-published authors, there's the dream of getting a signed book deal and riding into the sunset of stardom. For both, it's a learning process. We think that learning process is important. After all, better business books is what we're all about. So, we're doing it again this year. The theme this year? The Ultimate Book. That sounds big, and it is. The work involved in not only writing a book, but designing, promoting, speaking about, and selling the book is huge, and not for everyone. This event not only clarifies what's involved with traditional publishing and self-publishing, but shows best practices for the path that's right for you (and you get to hang out and chat with the pros who know all about it). Who might that be? We've got authors and speakers Nancy Duarte, Erika Andersen, John Moore, Victoria Labalme and Spike Jones; publishing folks Ray Bard (Bard Press), Will Weisser (Portfolio/Penguin), Tim Sullivan (Harvard Business Review Press), Clint Greenleaf (Greenleaf Book Group Press), Susan Williams (Jossey Bass), and Tom Wilson (Wiley); and social media/publicity expertise from Barbara Cave Henricks and Rusty Shelton. And who else will be there? Like I mentioned, we keep this event small so it can be about conversation, not lectures. The attendees are also a dynamic group of experienced writers, thinkers, and business people who generally end up keeping in touch and helping each other out in various ways beyond the event. It's a powerful meeting. Some of the authors you're reading now have started their journey at the Pow Wow. But that's not all. We've got a very special guest lined up for this year. A one hour webcast where one of the most successful and creative business book writers will answer attendee questions. This advice will be huge for both new and experienced writers. You'll have to trust us on this one. It will be an awesome surprise, and worth the price of admission alone. Heck, I'm not even a business book writer and I'm beyond excited! We've got a few seats left. The price of admission is $1500. You get to hang out with cool, smart people, enjoy some delicious Austin food, and gain insight into a path that could dramatically change your future. I hope you can join us. Full details and registration can be found here: "Why go to an 8CR Pow-Wow? Simply put: there's no other event like it. Where else can you talk book strategy with other authors, receive direct input from publishers, and - but wait, there's more - meet the folks who run the world's best business book distributorship? The gang in Milwaukee puts on a good show... make the time to attend!" - Chris Guillebeau, (author of The Art of Non-Conformity) "My first year attending the 800-CEO-READ Author Pow Wow, I met the agents who changed the course of my career. The next year, I met the team who helped me launch and promote my next book, Fascinate. Last year, I gained the very specific insights that are helping to catapult my business in new ways. This event isn't just about authoring business books-- this is the must-attend conference for anyone dedicated to big ideas, high expectations, and long-lasting results." - Sally Hogshead (author of Fascinate) Thanks to our sponsors for helping make this event possible!