November 14, 2012

News & Opinion: ChangeThis: Issue 100

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 8:48 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

In thinking of what to do for the 100th issue of ChangeThis, a lot of ideas were conjured up. But, in the end, we decided the most important thing we could do is to keep on doing the work we've been doing since Seth Godin turned the site over to us in the summer of 2005—act as a vehicle for moving ideas in service of authors and our audience. We did do a few special things with the issue, though. We invited Seth back to lead the issue with some insights from his forthcoming book, The Icarus Deception. We have a manifesto from our General Manager here at 800-CEO-READ, Jon Mueller, related to his ongoing, multidisciplinary project Death Blues. And we also have a manifesto from Michael J. Mauboussin, the only author featured in The 100 Best Business Books of All Time—written by our founder Jack Covert and former president Todd Sattersten, but a labor of love for the whole 800-CEO-READ family—with a new book out this month. The book, The Success Equation, is great, and we think you'll love the manifesto. Rounding out the issue are Scott Schwerlty, Bryan Mattimore, and Nikos Acuña—all original thinkers with great perspectives on business and life. We hope you enjoy the issue. Until next month...
We Are All Artists Now by Seth Godin “We know how much you care, and it’s a shame that the system works overtime to push you away from the people and the projects you care about. The world does not owe you a living, but just when you needed it, it has opened the door for you to make a difference.”
Death Blues: The Celebration and Opportunity of Each Moment by Jon Mueller “What happens when we thoroughly hold and understand that our lives are finite? How does this understanding of our end shape our present? And how do we become more ‘present?’”
The Paradox of Skill: Why Greater Skill Leads to More Luck by Michael J. Mauboussin “Greater skill doesn’t decrease the dependence on luck, it increases it. If you have an interest in sports, business, or investing, this lesson is for you.”
The Snowflake Moment: Presenting the Future Today by Scott Schwertly “[T]he snowflake moment is just one of a countless million moments, an isolated still shot of an existence that is predominantly defined by its very motion. We are what we do every day. Nothing more.”
How to be an Idea Guru: U.S. Department of Innovation, April 1, 2018 by Bryan W. Mattimore “Please Note: The following is a transcript of the introductory workshop for the Department of Innovation’s, How to be an Idea Guru program, held from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM on April 1, 2018 at the Department of Innovation’s Training Center in Washington, DC.”
The Creative Instinct: How Big Ideas Happen by Nikos Acuña “Everything that has ever been meaningful in this world was born from someone’s imagination. Everything in this world, including us, started out as an idea, a shadow of possibility.”