March 9, 2007

News & Opinion: ChangeThis : The New and The Popular

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 7:11 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

ChangeThis has a new set of manifestos for your consumption. Bob Sutton gives the alternate argument to his best-selling book with a piece titled The Upside of Assholes. Consultant Mark Graban says the things Toyota does to make great cars can help healthcare. Elizabeth Haas Edersheim takes a theme from her book on Drucker and writes about how all Peter's advice still applies. Lonely Planet is Elizabeth Johnson's take on how technology is not really making the quality of our relationships any better. 100 Ways to Kill A Concept (the cover art is worth the look) and Frontline Leadership round out the six manifesto set.

We also wanted to give you a list of what people were reading in February:
  1. How To Be Creative
  2. Talking Strategy: Three Straightforward Ways to Make Your Strategy Stick
  3. Purposive Drift: Making It Up As We Go Along
  4. Reclaim Your Life: A Two-Week To Help You Regain Time
  5. The Bootstrapper's Bible
  6. 25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself
  7. Keep It Real
  8. The Art of the Start
  9. Not a Dirty Word: Seven Steps to Creating an Accountability-Based Organization
  10. You are Being Lied To and Other Truths