July 17, 2008

News & Opinion: Edgelings and The Longer Tail

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 4:14 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Silicon Valley's native son Mike Malone has been covering the tech industry better and for longer than anyone. We voted his latest book, Bill & Dave, the best of the year in the biography and memoir category in our first annual 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards. He has now teamed up with Robert Grove and Tom Hayes to create, a technology news website, of which he is Editor-in-Chief. The press release states: is designed to fill the vacuum left by the collapse of high tech industry coverage in daily newspapers and mainstream magazine, and by the retreat of trade magazines from general readers to ever-more narrow niche audiences. In the process, Edgelings is also pioneering a new relationship with journalists that will give them a financial stake in the success of their stories measured by readership and traffic impact. [...] "Ultimately, we intend to be the home of the most original technology and business writers in the world," says Mike Malone, Edgelings editor-in-chief. "We believe it is possible to have great reporting and great writing; and knowledgeable coverage of tech that is readable by the non-tech audience. "To get that kind of quality, we intend to enter into partnership with the best writers and bloggers in tech, and enable them have a financial stake in Edgelings¡¦ success. That means helping drive traffic to their sites, rewarding them for readership, and paying them commensurate with the traffic they generate."
The site is partnering with Pajamas Media, so it should develop an audience quickly. In book news, Chris Anderson's The Long Tail has been released in paperback and contains a new chapter on marketing and an epilogue on the reaction to the book. You can read his post on the paperback edition here.