February 25, 2008

News & Opinion: Memo to the CEO

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 7:50 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Harvard Business Press has begun publishing a series of 100 page books called Memos to the CEO. The Publisher's Note from the beginning of the book sums them up perfectly.
Authored by leading experts and examining issues of special urgency, the books in the Memo to the CEO series are tailored for today's time-starved executives. Concise, focused, and solutions-oriented, each book explores a critical management challenge and offers authoritative counsel, provocative points of view, and practical insight.
While these may well be "tailored for today's time-starved executives," they are relevant to everybody interested in business. HBP is doing something else rather unique with this series as well, launching a blog for the series where "the expert authors of these 100-page debriefings will help us start the conversation ... ." I've seen and read plenty of author and book blogs, but can't think of a blog covering a whole series of books before. The first two books in the series--Lessons from Private Equity Any Company Can Use and Five Future Strategies You Need Right Now--are available already, and two more--Climate Change: What's Your Business Strategy? and High Performance with High Integrity, are being released in April and May respectively.

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