April 20, 2009

News & Opinion: More Sci-Fi for Business

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 2:26 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Michael Arrington's Grok This: Forget The Business Books, Go Sci-Fi To Stoke Your Imagination post from two weeks ago garnered alot of attention. I just wanted share the additional recommendations from the genre that popped up in various places.

In the comment thread of Arrington's post itself:
  • Seth Wagoner recommends Charlie Stross and Ken MacLeod, pointing to Marc Andreessen's post on top novelists from this decade.
  • Ben says "I'd have to agree with everything on this list - although it's a bit of a ‘beginners guide' to sci-fi. Add in Peter F. Hamilton, the Cormac novels of Neal Asher etc. and you're humming."
  • Tom recommends:
  • Richard K. Morgan – Altered Carbon (all his stuff is great but AC is a good introduction)
  • Neal Asher – The Skinner
  • Alastair Reynolds - Revelation Space (Chasm city and the prefect are also awesome books)
  • Charles Stross – Singularity Sky (Halting State is another stand out book)
  • Mark suggests The Player of Games by Iain Banks
  • And almost all the comments recommend the addition of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game.

On our own post, Seth Godin commented that "[E]very employee I've hired in the last ten years has been required to read Snow Crash [by Neal Stephenson]." He also highly recommends Cory Doctorow. In his latest book Tribes, he starts the acknowledgements with one to Doctorow and his book Eastern Standard Tribe.

Finally, Michael Fitzgerald at BNET writes:
[H]ere are three science fiction authors he should have on there and doesn't: John Brunner ("Squares of the City" is the one I've read, though "Shockwave Rider" is probably more relevant), Vernor Vinge ("Rainbows End" is his most recent, and I posted on its vision for the Future of Business, but "True Names" would matter more to high-tech entrepreneurs), and William Gibson ("Neuromancer," natch…).

Anyone else want to chime in?