July 3, 2007

News & Opinion: Movies as a replacement for books.

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 6:34 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Four Italian consultants, Francesco Bogliari, Sergio Di Giorgi, Marco Lombardi and Piero Trupia, concluded "executives learn little from books." So they wrote a book* to recommend movies "they say showcase good business practice and highlight major issues."
"High-quality films, though, can offer lessons about problem-solving and teamwork as well as focusing on issues such as globalisation and diversity, Mr Bogliari said."
Some of the recommendations include:
  1. Stephen Spielberg's The Terminal starring Tom Hanks

  2. Pedro Almodvar's Volver with Penelope Cruz

  3. Moral of both stories: Use diversity to your advantage.

  4. Westerns starring John Wayne

    MOS: Teaches leadership and mission.

  5. Stanley Kubrick's Lolita

    MOS: May help with stock market investing

Check out the full story here.
Update: Wall Street Journal's The Informed Reader blog picked up the BBC story and interprets as many of the movie titles as they can.
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*the book is in Italian.

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