September 2, 2008

News & Opinion: New excerpt up - from Leadership and the Sexes

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 2:05 PM – Filed under: Leadership & Strategy, Personal Development & Human Behavior

There's a new excerpt up on our Excerpts blog. It's taken from Chapter 1 of Leadership and the Sexes: Using Gender Science To Create Success In Business by Michael Gurian and Barbara Annis.
From the publisher: "Men and women lead differently. Most businesspeople, from front line employees to CEOs, sense this at some level, but can't quite articulate the differences without falling into the trap of creating male and female stereotypes. In their new book, Leadership and the Sexes gender experts Michael Gurian and Barbara Annis show what the latest scientific studies reveal about male/female brain differences, and explain how these differences impact the ways that men and women negotiate, communicate, lead, and run meetings."
The excerpt we have posted is a good, lengthy, meaty one. It raises a lot of important points about biological differences between men and women, but it also prompts more questions and will have you curious to see how the authors address not only gender differences in leadership, but also societal issues surrounding socialization and gender stereotyping.
Here's a brief passage from the excerpt:
The human brain is hard-wired (genetically coded with) its gender. As gender is not one thing or type, but very diverse, you will find throughout this book that your brain's male/female coding fits somewhere on a wide gender/brain spectrum.

And here's a direct link to the chapter: