September 25, 2009

News & Opinion: Our Blog - Accredited Online

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 1:39 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture, The Company

Jack copied me on his response to a message he received recently, writing "For an email out of the blue, this is a good one." The message came from Adrienne Carlson, who runs the Accredited Online PHD University blog. She had written Jack to let him know that she included us in her recent post, 100 Awesome Blogs for Every Kind of Book Lover.
It's a great list, with suggestions in a wide variety of genres—from business to comic books, from sites where you can sell your books to podcasts. If you have even a fleeting interest in books, you will want to check the list to see if you're missing anything. I know my RSS list grew after just a cursory glance, and will likely grow even more when I find the time to dig in deeper.
We'd like to thank Adrienne Carlson for including us. It's humbling and flattering to be put in such company.
Here is the direct link to that post: