June 14, 2007

News & Opinion: Our favorite bald guy

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 7:07 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

If you're an author, you'd probably enjoy these 10 questions with our favorite bald guy.
To get you started, here's the first question:
1) With 172,000 books published in 2005 in the US alone, it seems like everyone is doing it now. Is a book still a good way to distinguish my ideas?
A book is just a vessel, something that holds your ideas. It used to be that the act of getting published was a Dip (see my new book for details). Getting through it meant something. Getting an editor to take the time and the trouble and the money to turn your book from manuscript to bookstore was not just a seal of approval, it was a source of scarcity. Because published books were relatively rare, it mattered.

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