January 27, 2010

News & Opinion: Thank You!

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 9:32 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

We hosted our second annual 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards event in New York City on Monday night, and want to thank everyone who attended. We'd also like to thank the good folks of The Shoreham Hotel who helped set us up for a great evening, and give a special shout out to the wonderful people of Cave Henricks Communications, without whom we couldn't have pulled it all off. We started the awards three years ago to recognize the authors and publishers of the business-improving, career-guiding, and often life-changing books published in our genre every year. It takes many people and a lot of gumption to bring a book into the world, and we began hosting the event to try and gather those folks together in one place... the authors and publishers, the editors, agents, designers and publicists and press who make what we do possible. From our distant perch in Milwaukee, we don't get to see you all that often. We are honored and humbled that all of you talented and dedicated folks turned out. Here are some pictures of the festivities (from Sara Schneider of Cave Henricks Communications). Here's a brief video where we announce the Best Business Book of 2009: The category winners and the awards. The crowd, and Carol Grossmeyer, Jack Covert and Jon Mueller of 8cr announcing the overall winner. Jack and Jon with some of the winning authors and the representatives of those who couldn't make it. For more pictures, head on over to The Portfolio Javelin blog.