April 16, 2009

News & Opinion: To Support Room to Read: A Mystery Box of Business Books

By: Aaron Schleicher @ 6:00 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Continuing a tradition we began last year, we've been giving away the many books we've received throughout 2008 to benefit a good cause. Since we started the offer this year we've raised $3500 for Room to Read, and we'd love for the number on the check we send them to be $5000. We'll be ending the offer on Arpil 30th, so spread the word and help us get there!!!
If you aren't familiar with what the Mystery Box is, here's a quick recap.
On top of the steady flow of books that arrive in our office for review everyday, there was a deluge that poured in as candidates for our Business Book Awards. Books on storytelling, finance, innovation, marketing, management... name a subject, and there's probably a book here in our office on it. Imagine those Chuck E. Cheese ball pits, but replace the hollow plastic balls with business books, and that is our office. At this point, we're climbing over books just to get to our desks, and we're looking for good homes for them.
So, we're giving them to anyone willing to make a small donation, and donating the money generated to Room to Read, an organization that partners with local communities throughout the developing world to establish schools, libraries, and other educational infrastructure.
THE DEAL: For $30.00, we are putting together a Mystery Box of three business books. In this box you are guaranteed one title that either won, or made the shortlist for, the best book of 2008 in its category, along with 2 other titles from last year that were submitted for the awards. As a bonus, we will include a copy of this year's In The Books, our annual review of business books. 100% of the purchase will go directly to Room to Read, and we'll cover the shipping on all orders (international orders unfortunately still cover shipping). Get on board and help us make a difference!
To take part in this special offer, visit The 800-CEO-READ Mystery Box page: HERE

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